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A6/S6 Roof Racks for sale (2005-2011)

I recently upgraded my 2007 A6 to a 2014 3.0.  I have a factory set of roof racks I used just a few time to carry my kayak.  They are like new and attach solidly to the roof using out-of-sight holes…Continue

Tags: rack, roof, factory

Started by John Trainer Apr 27, 2018.

Audi Club at Daytona International Speedway 2 Replies

Do someone from Miami area plan to attend to the event at Daytona? I would like information about round-trip auto transport to the racetrack. Thank you. Continue

Started by ALBERTO PORTALATIN. Last reply by ALBERTO PORTALATIN Nov 2, 2016.

New Audi

I am new to this club/forum. Just recently purchased a 2009 TT Roadster and just love it. Already thinking of adding a new version to the family. Question to you all is I see there is a possible 6%…Continue

Started by Andre Forand Oct 28, 2016.

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Gold Coast members at Palm Beach Cars and Coffee

Fellow ACNA and ACFL Members 

By now most have seen pictures of the new A5/S5 which debuted June 2nd in Ingolstadt, a nice evolutionary change considering the first A5 came out in 2007, That has been quite a long run for a body style and frankly the originals still look pretty damned svelte. Clearly the mark of timeless and classic design, an attribute of most Audis, all which seem to wear well over time along the lines of a nicely tailored seersucker or Harris Tweed sport jacket or even a pair of well worn and faded khakis. Of course style plays in a very subjective theater and those who may remember Aldo Cello that slave to fashion can certainly find his hand at work in the many iterations of what is called an automobile. Aside from the halo cars, which are more often consigned to the realm of making a personal fashion statement for their owners, there are a number of good looking vehicles out there for the masses and Audi certainly has more than its share. 

Make sure you RSVP for our meet on the 16th of July to be held at the new Audi point in Sarasota followed by our luncheon at the Alpine Steakhouse, details below. This event is being organized by the Clarks of Sarasota. 

I see that Audi has now made it for 65 months in a row of exceeding their previous years sales figures. Clearly a record in the auto industry. Unfortunately the other boys from Bavaria continue to struggle, perhaps a little schadenfreude on that point. They have yet to have a month in 2016 where they exceeded sales from 2015, that has to be very tough and I am sure some must be reviewing their termination agreements. For the month of May their 8% drop in sales was attributed to a shorter number of selling days in the period. I guess their month of May is shorter than Audis. I always thought all businesses ran on the same reporting calendar. The excuse was similar to the climatic one employed if I recall correctly in January when their sales shortfall was attributed to bad weather conditions. I guess it snowed over their and not the Audi dealerships. I can only wonder who reads and really believes these news releases out of New Jersey. Perhaps that information does not get back to Munich. That does not mean all is perfect in the house of Audi, many of us still pine for diesels , Sportback A3s (in some other format than an e-tron more on that below) and Avants in an other format than an allroad but sales still continue climb. One can only imagine how many more unites would be sold if these iterations were available. 

A quick shout out to the new Sales Manager at Audi Melbourne Curt Kelley. As an Audi Brand Specialist he was a strong supporter of the ACFL way back to our first MPG rally in 2008 and is extremely knowledgeable regarding the brand and a true Audi Guy. So if you are in the Melbourne area drop by and say hello. We wish him success. 

I recently had the opportunity to drive the new A3 e-tron for a hundred or so miles, a very nicely appointed vehicle in the Premium Plus package, combined averaged over 40 MPG with charge ups sharing the dryer plug in the garage and occasional Publix's, visit. I think the Sportback is the better looking and the most versatile of the A3 body styles, but the marketing gurus that no longer bring in Avants, and substituted allroads, have relegated the Sportback to hybrid propulsion. On top of that the close to 50 grand for a fully decked out Prestige model would make the cost benefit analysis hard to prove. More on that below. It is nevertheless still a fun car to drive. 

Wishing you all a most joyful and safe Fourth of July Celebration. I am presently reading a book "The Quartet " on the orchestration of our second American Revolution 1783-89. It was tough fighting England, but we never would have made it as a nation, had we not survived and actually discarded the Articles of Confederation for our present constitution. This was not just luck but the hard work of some of the eighteenth century's most brilliant intellectuals, realists and leaders, George Washington, James Madison, a not so familiar name John Jay and the fellow present day historical revisionists in DC want to take off of our ten dollar bill Alexander Hamilton an absolute financial genius. If one is into the real nooks and crannies of American history and not the gobbledygook we are fed from the bully pulpit or mainstream press this is a fascinating and informative read with what appears no ax to grind. The author is a retired Prof from one of the Seven Sisters, Mount Holyoke college in Massachusetts. 

Down the Road 

July 2, Cars and Coffee Reeves Motorsports Tampa 
Starting 6:30 AM 

July, 16 Audi Sarasota open House and Luncheon Alpine Steak House 
Audi Sarasota 4900 Clark Rd 10:00 AM after meet, luncheon at the Alpine Steak House. RSVP to Julie Clark by noon July 15 for both events. 

Competition from the Three Pointed Star for the future

SNL's take on what is coming down the road, enjoy!

Some final thoughts 

Upon returning an A3 e-tron loaner I went to General Manager JB (that is what everyone calls him) at Crown and I asked him just what kind of deal could one get on an e-tron. Over a three day driving period, I had become accustomed to and actually impressed with the car. On trying to make the numbers work on a 43.8 grand nicely appointed Premium A3, he crunched some numbers. I believe this did not included the ACNA discount, but required that the car be leased through AoA.. There was an 8.6 grand combined dealership, AoA, and rebate discount off of MSRP plus tax, title etc.,, frankly I was surprised. Contingent on your credit score and a few other item such as length of lease, annual mileage and down payment, monthly payments ranged from the mid 400 to a shade over 500 on the balance. Having not financed or leased a car in the last 20 years, I just buy them outright, not sure those numbers are good but the discount sure sounds good and warrants further investigation. Should you seriously be interested in an A3 e-tron contact JB the General Sales Manager at Clearwater Audi at 727.324.1800. He mentioned he would put a serious prospect in one for a weekend for a test drive. Frankly they are a fun car to drive plus it is a kick to have Publix charge it while you are shopping. It is important that you mention to him that you heard about the deal in the Florida Audi Club newsletter. 

Cheers and Safe Motoring 
Bob Greving 
President, ACFL

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