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A6/S6 Roof Racks for sale (2005-2011)

I recently upgraded my 2007 A6 to a 2014 3.0.  I have a factory set of roof racks I used just a few time to carry my kayak.  They are like new and attach solidly to the roof using out-of-sight holes…Continue

Tags: rack, roof, factory

Started by John Trainer Apr 27, 2018.

Audi Club at Daytona International Speedway 2 Replies

Do someone from Miami area plan to attend to the event at Daytona? I would like information about round-trip auto transport to the racetrack. Thank you. Continue

Started by ALBERTO PORTALATIN. Last reply by ALBERTO PORTALATIN Nov 2, 2016.

New Audi

I am new to this club/forum. Just recently purchased a 2009 TT Roadster and just love it. Already thinking of adding a new version to the family. Question to you all is I see there is a possible 6%…Continue

Started by Andre Forand Oct 28, 2016.

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Fellow ACFL Members and Audi Enthusiasts
First off, we are experimenting with a new format for the newsletter, one thing for sure it should be easier for Andreas to post on our website and in Facebook.
The ACFL has a lot planned for September, including runs to Key West and Gainesville for an Oktoberfest. So check your recent emails, make your plans to join fellow club members at one or both of these fun events as we a get a chance to put a little mileage on our Audis and let them stretch their legs. Be sure to RSVP if you are going to be joining one of the convoys to Gainesville, of course, you can drive their directly. One important item and for the first time, both of these drives are open to Non-ACNA members. In fact, you do not even have to be driving an Audi to join us in the run to Gainesville to Oktoberfest in support of the Ronald McDonald House.
The drive to Key West has a cutoff date of September 14 for receipts of the mailed in $15.00 registration fee and information so if you have any questions contact Andreas at or me at We have a block of rooms reserved at a special rate less than the going one so make sure you have also made your room reservation. All of that information was sent out in a recent email on the 22nd of August.
For those of you in the market for a new an Audi, both Audi Jacksonville and Audi Clearwater have some great deals. It would be well worth your time to check them out.
Finally, there is a little survey in the newsletter should you have an interest in an RS4 or RS6 Avant in your future. We can all dream, can’t we? Clearly above most of our means but if not and in the realm of possibilities, I would certainly appreciate your responses. On more than one occasion, the president of AoA has mentioned the RS Avant in its multiple iterations in both Q & A’s and in off the cuff remarks. It might be interesting to see what his actual take would be to a little empirical data garnered from ACNA member’s responses regarding their potential commitments to such a possibility of a stateside RS Avant. At one point it supposedly saved the TT a few years back.
We are looking forward to seeing you at one of the ACFL's events in September.
Bob Greving
President, Audi Club of Florida
Audi Club of North America 2018 Car Raffle
There will be two cars, a 2019 S5 Premium Plus Sportback and a 2019 RS3. 5,000 tickets will be sold for each car at $25 per ticket. If you wish to purchase a chance to win one or both of these stunning motorcars, make sure you contact Gerry Simms at If we sell sufficient tickets we receive a kickback, which goes to help defray chapter expenses. Tickets will be available for purchase at our upcoming events. For those who purchase raffle tickets at the upcoming events, they will also receive a club logo window sticker. In addition, we will have a few for sale at $3.00 each.
First Coast Region Report
Highlights of Meeting with AudiJax General Manager Stephan Gronberg:
4 RWS R8s are available for sale; don’t miss your chance if you are in the market for one of this limited production run of 999 cars.
2 RS-5s available now, one in Navarro Blue and one in Nardo Gray (fastest color editor)
Q-8s are available for preorder, availability approximately in November.
The New A6 and A7 will arrive in November, 30 each to choose from.
The New A8 will be available October, 15.
AudiJax Monthly Member Specials
September will be free Audi Care on all new car purchases.
Special New Car Incentives you can pair with the ACNA member discount:
First-month payment on leased up to $800 and 4 years maintenance included on select models. (A3, A4, A6, Q3, Q5, Q7)
A7-still has the $5000 discount
A5 Cabrio-$2000 discount
Up to 5 years/unlimited mileage available on certain models see AudiJax website for details.
Wanna Go Fast?
For those of you who want to track your Audis here is a chance to have a little fun to drive fast and be legal. AudiJax will once again be a sponsor, for two events, one in September and one in October. Spectator tickets will be available at the tracks. The one in October is at the Jumbolair Airport 1401 NE 77th Street Ocala, FL 34479.
If you desire to participate be sure to sign up and check out the following link for information:
Audi Grand Opening: AUDI JAX
Stephan may have opportunities for people to be a part of the event, such as putting together gift bags, and various assistance needed. These would be volunteer services, but I am pretty sure there would be some fringe benefit involved. He will know closer to the date. Actual grand opening hours will be October 11th 6PM-8PM.
ACFL/JAXRINGS September Lunch Meet:
The September monthly meeting for the First Coast Region Audi Club of Florida will be held at Grub Burger Bar 4906 Town Center Parkway #408, Jacksonville, Florida 32246 at 11:00 AM Saturday, September 8th, after the Automotive Addicts Cars and Coffee which starts at 8:00 am at the Avenues Mall. I will have the latest from the ACNA chapter call, and I will have raffle tickets available for purchase for some lucky ACNA members to have a chance to win one of two cars to be awarded to the lucky winners this December. Tickets are $25 each. Please make checks out to ACNA. Please RSVP via the JaxRings Facebook page or e-mail me directly if you plan to attend so I can provide a reasonable estimate, slightly padded, so we can be seated together.
Gerald “Gerry” Simms
ACFL First Coast Region lead BoD member
Gold Coast Region Report
Cars and Coffer Saturday September 8th
Cars and Coffee starting 8:00 AM Casavana Restaurant 8202 Mills Drive
Miami, Florida
Drive to the Conch Republic Saturday September 22nd
Do not forget to send in your registration for our drive to the Conch Republic on September 22nd. The cut off for receipt is the 14th. All should have received information regarding this drive including hotel information but if you need it again contact me at, and I will send it out again. We will start the drive at ABT tuning in Miami with a continental breakfast at 9:30 am.
Andreas Regalado
ACFL Gold Coast Region Lead, BoD member,
Gator Region Report
Oktoberfest Audi Gainesville September 29th
Join the ACFL’s newest region and the only one that can claim a dealership that is also the clubhouse, Audi Gainesville as we celebrate Oktoberfest on the 29th of September. There will be a big tent just like Munich and an oompah band flown directly from München to ensure that the music is as authentic as the festivities can get. In addition pretzel, brats and other German delicacies, there will be an abundance of Gemütlichkeit so make sure you either join one of the caravans or drive direct to Audi Gainesville. For additional information regarding the event, please contact Derek Hill at, or Carlos Mora at Gator Region leads and on site ABS’s. If you plan to drive directly and not join a caravan, please let us know in order that we can plan for the appropriate Audi parking.
Derek Hill
ACFL Gator Region Lead & Gainesville ABS,
Carlos Mora
ACFL Gator Region Lead & Gainesville ABS
Gulf Coast Region Report
Report on Luncheon the 11th of August
It was clearly quattro weather when a number of initially shiny clean Audis and their owners originating from afar as Sarasota, Wesley Chapel, Lakeland, St Pete, and the Villages gathered under the live oaks to pound down some BBQ at Kojaks in Tampa. In addition, there was an excellent representation of the different iterations of the Audi brand including A3, S4 RS5, A6, R8, TT and I believe a Q. Plans were discussed to have a meet at the Colliers Automotive Collection in Naples in the near future.
Cars and Coffee Reeves Motorsport September 1st
Cars and Coffee Reeve at Motorsport September 1st 6:30-8:00 am
11333 N Florida Ave, Tampa, FL 33612.
Continental Breakfast and Drive to Gainesville Oktoberfest September 29th
Don’t forget to RSVP to by September 26th to join the Gulf Coast in a drive to Gainesville and Oktoberfest. We will start with a continental breakfast at Clearwater Audi at 7:00 AM, proceed to Audi Tampa to pick up additional participants leaving around 8:30 then on to Wesley Chapel leaving around 9:00 then proceeding on to Gainesville. The drive is open to ACNA and Non-ACNA members; I just need to know where you will be starting from in order to give the different dealerships head counts and Audi Clearwater a head count for the breakfast.
Up to $7000 off on A5 Cabrios
Give Audi Clearwater a call, ask for JB who is the Sales Manager and he will steer you in the right direction. The number is 727-324-1800; tell him you are a member of the Audi Club of Florida and heard of the deals through our newsletter. You can also mention my name. I am sure there are other excellent incentives out there as the new A6 and A7 will be arriving shortly including the new A8.
Bob Greving
Gulf Coast Region Lead
A little “Schadenfreude “
Sudden Acceleration
Unfortunately, the phenomena of sudden accelerations are still with us, Of course, it has always been the misapplications of the brake pedal. Something that Audi was never initially given the credit for. This time it happened in China, on a test drive, was recorded and ironically happened to the other "Boys from Bavaria". Thankfully no one was injured and unlike in this country, the individual took full responsibility for her actions. Perhaps frivolous lawsuits are frowned upon in their culture?
….but then there is more
I was recently queried by a firm paid for by Audi doing customer research asking if I would pony up a grand to get in the queue for an EV SUV that I did not know how much it would cost, how big it was or what it even looked like. Frankly, I am not so sure about some of these marketing folks and their thought processes. Now I was raised in Westchester, spent way too much time in New York City as a teenager, I do not speak Yiddish, have sufficient difficulty with German, but could probably understand some as the etymology of words are very similar to German but talk about what I think the term would be Chutzpah! Perhaps they were trying to create a demand for their new EV something, unfortunately, something the A3 EV never had. Possibly they were aping Tesla in some of their marketing foils regarding their new 3 series. Doubtful, I believe Audi does not need the money to develop the vehicle let alone build it, nor is there the groundswell of interest in it so why to try to artificially create it. Now if you were a company that created bespoke vehicles made of steel, aluminum, and ash and possibly used the English wheel to artfully curves the fenders and cowls just right and you could order the car without bumpers, which made them look even better. Then add to that a two-year waiting list. Perhaps a down payment would actually be justified and I am speaking of non-other than the English built Morgan here. I would order mine as a Plus Eight in butter yellow over saddle interior and if allowed, would drop over 10 grand to get in line. If you need AC, fold down the windshield and just drive a little faster.
Too bad the question they should have been asking, would I put down a grand or more for a TDI A4 or A6 Avant. Now if they were really smart, or really wanted to perhaps learn something what Audi owners really think, what about an RS4 Avant and RS6 Avant? When one looks at the number of cars Audi sells in this country and breaks it down by type, the number of TT’s and Allroads is very small. The testing that goes into bringing one of those two vehicles in is basically the same that would go into bringing one of the six mentioned above. We all know that diesel is now a dirty word so we will never see one, just coal, nuclear, wind turbine or dam powered electrics and the occasional roof mounted electric accumulators. But one of those RS’s is a possibility. The RS4 Avant’s engine is the same as the RS5 and the RS6 Avant’s is the same as the RS7 so the homework is already done, the emissions testing assignments are almost ready to turn in. It is just time to crash a few dozens.
So here is what I am proposing and this is similar to what was done regarding the TT a few years ago but AoA was supposedly behind it nevertheless claiming it was some groundswell of customer demand. Perhaps this will grow legs; I can refine it and perhaps get the ACNA to eventually send out a questionnaire.
What I will need are the following:
Audi models and years presently owned and driving:
Other cars presently owned and years:
Now, how much would really put down to be in the queue to order an RS4 Avant or an RS6 Avant (Unlike the questionnaire I received from Audi, one knows approximate cost, certainly knows what it is and knows what it looks like. No pig in the poke here, though all Audis look good some are clearly better looking than others)
RS4 Avant approx. cost $90,000 _____
RS6 Avant approx. cost $130,000 _____
So send me an email at, with the above information, I will tabulate the results and let us see what happens. This could just be some fun.
Cheers and Safe Motoring
Bob Greving
Audi Club of Florida,

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