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A6/S6 Roof Racks for sale (2005-2011)

I recently upgraded my 2007 A6 to a 2014 3.0.  I have a factory set of roof racks I used just a few time to carry my kayak.  They are like new and attach solidly to the roof using out-of-sight holes…Continue

Tags: rack, roof, factory

Started by John Trainer Apr 27, 2018.

Audi Club at Daytona International Speedway 2 Replies

Do someone from Miami area plan to attend to the event at Daytona? I would like information about round-trip auto transport to the racetrack. Thank you. Continue

Started by ALBERTO PORTALATIN. Last reply by ALBERTO PORTALATIN Nov 2, 2016.

New Audi

I am new to this club/forum. Just recently purchased a 2009 TT Roadster and just love it. Already thinking of adding a new version to the family. Question to you all is I see there is a possible 6%…Continue

Started by Andre Forand Oct 28, 2016.

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Fellow ACNA and ACFL Members   

Recently I read an article in  Hemmings, which noted the scarcity of sports cars encountered on a cross country drive. The author clearly referred to the two seater variety--long or longer hoods, short or shorter trunks. Once upon a time when there were fewer interstates, speed limits were generally lower and most traveled via US highways and or the occasional parkways in the Northeast, the roads were filled with sports cars. If one could not define one, they were certainly easy to spot. Sort of like pornography: hard to define at times, but one knew it when one saw it. Vehicles deemed, sports cars starting 65 years ago, were initially not particularly fast, though they certainly got faster, nor were they comfortable, safe, slab gas tanks for early MGs, side curtains for MG,s Porsches, Jags, Healeys, Triumphs and so on and heater and defrosters, for some those were aftermarket options if even available. Yet they were fun to drive if uncomfortable let alone rolling deathtraps. What they did provide was a joy to drive and an entry into a life style. If you owned or drove a sports car, it said something about who you were, or at least who you thought you were, what your values were and what was important, not to leave out how you viewed yourself, ah but I already said that. Let’s face it: the vehicles on which we choose to drop thousands in cash today represent the same things and the manufactures play to those same vanities. Admit it, how often have you taken your eyes off the road ahead driving through a small town, looked into the store windows to the right just to see the reflection of the car you were driving and how cool it all looked. With the exception of the TT roadster, A3/A5 Cabrios and the TTS and S5 iterations, it was easier to see one’s self when it was one of those low slung open top two seat sports cars of yesterday.  

November 5, 2016  

Gulf Coast Region Cars and Coffee 6:30-8:30  
Reeves Motor Sport Tampa  
11333 N Florida Ave , Tampa FL

November 12, 2016  

First Coast Region Luncheon 12:00  
Schnitzel Haus German Restaurant  
13475 Atlantic Blvd, Jacksonville Email Kerry Green by Friday 12:00 noon Nov 11, to RSVP for a head count

December 3 2016

Gulf Coast Region Cars and Coffee Christmas Gift Collection 6:30-8:30  
Reeves Motor Sport Tampa  
11333 N Florida Ave , Tampa FL  
Bring an unwrapped gift for a deserving child and help bring a sparkle to a young one's eyes  
Christmas morning.

December 10, 2016

First Coast Region Christmas Party  
A Christmas Party will be held on Dec 10th and will act as our normal monthly meeting. The festivities will begin at 6:00 PM and include a catered buffet dinner and a raffle of Christmas presents. Anyone who would like to bring along a favorite Christmas treat for dessert is more than welcome to do so. Vince and Laura have graciously offered us the use of their Church's meeting room for the party. The Church, Anointed Church of God, is located at 1198 Church Street West in Jacksonville. We hope you can attend and start off the Holiday Season with excellent food and some great company. Please contact Kerry Green at, for additional details and to RSVP.

December 9-11 2016

Daytona International Speedway  
High Speed Driving Event  
For additional information on this event and registration  

January 7, 2017  

Roar before the 24 at Daytona and ACFL Board of Directors Meeting  
Daytona, Florida  
Time and location to be announced. All ACFL members invited  

A Few Good Links 
If you really want to get into the weeds regarding the Abgas-Affäir read the following. One can only wonder why this stuff never makes the news and why Audi and VW has taken the brunt of it all. Granted tinkering with engines was wrong and inexcusable. However, even without the tinkering, these engines are still cleaner than the rest of them.  

Study Reveals Volkswagen Sells The Cleanest Euro 6 Diesels In Europe


 And here is the copy of the report. It is a long read but fascinating. Even before the tinkering, Audi and VW engines are cleaner so what was the point?  

Dieselgate: Who? What? How? 

Some less than stellar news on the racing front. Unfortunately, an unintended consequence of the Abgas-Affäir?  

Audi quits Le Mans and WEC for Formula E 

On the lighter side, what would you think if one of these lit you up on the interstate. Pretty slick and innovative, too bad it will not be used as a pursuit vehicle if only once.

Audi S7 adds plenty of hustle to New South Wales' police fleet

Some final thoughts on a place to drive to your Audi 

I just returned from my semiannual drive north, in pursuit of that never ending quest for antique toy trains. The drive was great and I was successful in acquiring an engine for a grandnephew in Germany. Whenever I am in Pennsylvania, I visit Gettysburg. Usually I drive parts of that historic battle field each time I am in the vicinity. Truly a beautiful and stirring monument to those who fought and gave all for what they believed in. Though a student of history, I have not read much on the War Between the States, which has evolved with many names depending on which side of Mason Dixon line you are hail from. Unfortunately, at times we still seem to be fighting that conflict. Some revisionist historians and there are many have called that our second civil war, the first being the Revolution. Few realize how tenuous the outcome of that first conflict was, nor how many families were also split, brother fighting brother along with thousands of refugees fleeing to Nova Scotia who had all of their possessions gladly confiscated by the patriots. Remember the two largest cities in the colonies, New York and Philadelphia remained under British control for most of the war. Boston was a hot spot for both the revolution and merchants who wanted Great Britain's protection on the high seas but did not want to pay the taxes to support that protection. Ah but back to Gettysburg. 

Gettysburg is truly a beautiful place, the noise, horror and death have long since departed the rolling hills, golden brown fields of fall and painted leaves on the trees. It is a location we as Americans should put on our bucket lists to visit as a place that has helped forge our nation. It is especially meaningful to slowly drive through with one thoughts as the sun rises through the early morning mist. It is then when the tourists are few and far between and wildlife still abounds, an occasional jogger can be encountered and the spirits of those who permanently rest there glisten in the new days sunlight as the true meaning of the place ushers in another new day.

Cheers and Safe Motoring  
Bob Greving  
President, ACFL

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