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A6/S6 Roof Racks for sale (2005-2011)

I recently upgraded my 2007 A6 to a 2014 3.0.  I have a factory set of roof racks I used just a few time to carry my kayak.  They are like new and attach solidly to the roof using out-of-sight holes…Continue

Tags: rack, roof, factory

Started by John Trainer Apr 27, 2018.

Audi Club at Daytona International Speedway 2 Replies

Do someone from Miami area plan to attend to the event at Daytona? I would like information about round-trip auto transport to the racetrack. Thank you. Continue

Started by ALBERTO PORTALATIN. Last reply by ALBERTO PORTALATIN Nov 2, 2016.

New Audi

I am new to this club/forum. Just recently purchased a 2009 TT Roadster and just love it. Already thinking of adding a new version to the family. Question to you all is I see there is a possible 6%…Continue

Started by Andre Forand Oct 28, 2016.

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The ticketing process for Sebring has come and gone, hopefully all who desired to participate in the VIP Turn One Club experience were able to procure a pass. Not being privy to the inner planning, most of the following was written when many of the details were still floating in the ether somewhere. Nevertheless, it has all been sorted out now and the Audi Fan Zone and the VIP Turn One Club are great ideas. For those up on their Audi history, the numeral 1 was a prominent symbol in the cars original logo. Too bad it could not have been incorporated in this final Sebring outing. This will be an appreciated and thoughtful thank you from AoA and AG to the Audi fans and a terrific send off for over a decade of some fantastic racing at an old WWII bomber-training field.

Racetracks like battlefields can be quiet and serene places. Most of the time in the clear blue skies above Sebring, hawks can be seen circling above the empty runways and tarmac below and one can silently gaze upon the old concrete with imbedded bomber wing tie downs and hanger door rails. It is not that hard to visualize the ghosts of the many pilots and their machines, both the four-engined and wheeled type comes to mind, that have graced this plot of land in the middle of the Sunshine state. Sebring will never become what the RAF Westhampnett field has morphed into, though also an airfield; it simply does not have that English countryside charm and beauty of Goodwood. Nevertheless, there is also a beauty in its utilitarianism as a training ground for war and testing ground for both man and machine. I am sure a grandson or two of those who trained and or were the recipients of that conflagration some 70 years ago are at it again today, this time doing battle in racecars.

Ticketing, I am sure was the usual feeding frenzy or as one member wrote me “another High Noon showdown.” Returns are not posted yet, but in the ranks of those who desired the opportunity to score a pass, I personally know of a few who have been ACNA members for over 20 years, others who have been driving Audis for well over 30 years, one who has attended Sebring for 37 years and if I have the story correct spent his honeymoon at the race, another who is the owner of over 30 auto dealerships in three states, one of which is a Florida Audi dealership. Finally, one fellow joined the ACFL, lives in Belgium, and wishes to make the trip again. If I were King, I would insure that each of these folks received a pass, just for their perseverance and commitment to the brand; unfortunately, it does not work that way. I can only quote from one of our recent club survey respondents, “the event at Sebring should be for Audi owners, not just (for) PR or ignorant people.” I must admit that I connote a little well deserved elitism in those harsh remarks. Clearly, there is a level of frustration in the ranks of the faithful and will most likely be transferred to Daytona next year unless the timing and distribution of experience tickets can be somewhat normalized ala other major non-motorsport events.

All that being said, I am sure Audi will have another class performance on and motorsport experience off track. They have certainly become the gold standard when it comes to a day at the races. In an anecdotal report from a couple of buddies who were able to infiltrate the boys from Maranello’s experience at Daytona, it could not hold a candle to what Andrea and Andy had put together in the suite and track side for the Audi customer motorsport experience. Thanks again for a job well done.

There is good news for chapter members who live in the Orlando area. Patrick at, has met with the new management and leadership team at North Orlando Audi, and is attempting to put an organizational meeting together for either of the first two weekends of April. This is a great opportunity to get things going again in the region. If you have an interest or wish to help, please drop him a line and lend him your support, thanks.

Do not forget the Board of Directors meeting February 23 in Plant City. Meeting starts at 11 and lunch at noon. Please make sure you RSVP.

Finally check out the ACNA and Chapter News for some important Audi purchasing information. 

Bob Greving 

Table of Contents 

Up the Road 
Event Listing 
ACNA News 
Other Items in the News 

Audi Club Florida
On the Web 

The BoD meeting in Plant City in February, for March cars and coffee at both Suncoast Audi and Tampa Audi, and then the major event, Sebring. April will bring some additional cars and coffee followed by the organizational meet of the Citrus Region in Orlando. There has also been some preliminary discussion regarding a repeat of the “Dropping of the Flag” event marking the start of the 24 Hours of LeMans. 

Gulf Coast Region 

March 2, Cars and Coffee, 7:00 am 
Reeves Motorsports facility Tampa, FL

March 2, Cars and Coffee, 8:00 am 
Suncoast Audi Sarasota, FL 

Citrus Region (Orlando) 

April (Date Open), Organizational Meet 
Contact Patrick at 

Audi Club of Florida 

February 23, BoD Meeting, Buddy Freddy's in Plant City 
Open to all ACNA members. Lunch starts at 11:00 am, meeting starts at noon. RSVP to Bob by noon, February 22, 2013. 

Buddy Freddy's 
1101 Goldfinch Dr 
Plant City, FL 33563 
(813) 754-5120

March 13-16 12 Hours of Sebring 
Contact Andy Sattler for for additional information 

Spend $50 to save $3,000 on a $50,000 MSRP Audi

We have all heard the adage that one must spend a little to save a little, well here is one for the record books. Unless you work for AoA or AG, are a diplomat or some other individual of import and note, the following will be hard to beat. If you have been an ACNA member in good standing for six months, you will be eligible for a 6% discount from MSRP on the purchase of certain Audi models. Yes, a few of the usual suspects have been excluded, the R8, RS5, TTRS, and a few others, but check out the details.

Audi Club of America Loyalty Benefit  

If you plan to be in the market for a new Audi, it literally pays and saves to be an active member of the ACNA. Just do the math on the Audi of your dreams.

Welcome to our new ACNA members. Our membership numbers are once again growing which means additional critical mass in areas and hopefully more events and participation. If you have, any questions feel free to drop me a line at I also suggest that if you have not had a chance yet check out both the ACNA website, and the Audi Club of Florida website 

Audi had a great month in January with a 7.5% increase over 2012.

Audi USA: Audi starts the year off strong with record January Sales. This compared to BMW whose saleswere up 0.7% which was less than a stellar performance coming off a strong December.

The interesting figure was that in January 2013 for each Audi sold there were 1.65 BMW’s that left the showroom. In 2012 that figure was 1.75 BMW’s leaving the showroom. That is a gain and eventually it will reach parity.

This one is unbelievable; I would assume that the front, rear and side cameras on this A7 are all recording the entire event in case someone was stupid enough to run into a driverless car and blame the other car. 

Clean Diesel site, which is a combined effort of Bosch, Audi, VW, BMW, MB, and Porsche. Obviously, a lobbying and information group but informative nonetheless. Now the US Government taxing structure for diesel versus gasoline motor fuels needs to be addressed to make diesel more competitive. 

In Audis reporting of global sales, it is interesting to see the number of vehicles sold per country when one considers the numb.... It must be profitable to sell the A1, A3 Cab, S3, and RS6 Avants in Great Britain all with a right hand drive to boot but not in the US. Unfortunately, there must be some new math on this one and of course, I must have skipped class that day. Perhaps on an annual basis they sell more Audis in GB than in the US.

Here is something I joined a number of years back and used to track repairs histories on my S6’s and other Audis. It costs nothing and the advantage is that one sees the types and issues that other Audis and makes have concerning repairs.

TrueDelta updates actual repair frequencies, to track cars' reliability as they age. Participants simply report repairs the month after they occur on a one-page survey. When there are no repairs, they only report an approximate odometer reading four times a year, following the end of each quarter.

The more owners participate, the more precise the stats will be. To encourage participation, participants receive free full access to all vehicle results.

For additional details, and to sign up to participate: 

For ACNA members only, if you have a special Audi such as one of the S or RS models or a pre 2000 that you would like to sell, we will list it once in the newsletter. I will need the year, model, color over interior color, and your email address. Longer postings can be placed in the website. We will also list DKW and Wanderer motorcycles.

Example: 1995 S6 Avant Alpine White/Ecru 

Once again, since most of you are holding on to your Audis, no new ads this month. 

You can also use the Classifieds Forum on the Audi Club of Florida web site. 

One More Thought

Here is an interesting project car: 1937 Horch Cabriolet type 853

Nice car for a parade lap at Sebring: 1939 DKW F5 Coupe

Finally, a big thank you to those members who upon renewal have added a few extra dollars to their renewal, these funds go directly into the chapter’s treasury. We just received the check from national for those who contributed over the last six months. As always, your added financial support is appreciated. 

Cheers and Safe Motoring, 

Bob Greving
Audi Club of Florida, Chapter ACNA

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